Open Source, Open Development, Open Innovation workshop reading list

by Elena Blanco on 25 November 2009


For the Open Source, Open Development, Open Innovation Workshop, December 2009

OSS Watch produces a variety of material related to open source software all of which is available from the OSS Watch website. We have gathered here a taster selection of our material exploring the idea of open innovation with the focus on models that allow for commercial or social exploitation of software outputs from academic research. Note: each of the suggested articles contain plenty of links for further reading so you can explore even further by following the links at the end of each briefing note.

TexGen: a case study
TexGen is a program written and maintained as part of the work of the Polymer Composites Group at Nottingham University. Amir Nettler tells the story of how it was open sourced as part of a strategy to make it available to the wider industrial and academic research communities.
The business of open source
Many different business models have developed around open source software and potential open source vendors need to think carefully about which business model may be the most suitable for sustaining the product and target market in question. Matthew Langham takes us through the various components of open source business models and provides a few guidelines for potential open source vendors.
Avoiding abandon-ware: getting to grips with the open development method
Open source is more than a style of licence. The Open Source Initiative’s homepage tells us that “Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process.” Paul Anderson of Intelligent Content explores this idea by examining the open development method.
Sustainable open source
Sustainability has never been a more important factor in open source projects. Ross Gardler examines some of the models by which an open source project can become sustainable.
Business and sustainability models around free and open source software
On 12 January 2009 OSS Watch held a workshop to examine business and sustainability models around free and open source software. Pete Cooper was there and tells us what happened
Free and open source software business and sustainability models
At OSS Watch’s one-day workshop looking at free and open source software business and sustainability models Rowan Wilson gave a presentation focusing on the legal aspects of FOSS. His presentation looked at the models by which FOSS projects can successfully be exploited and sustained as well as examining legal issues such as enforcement, risks and patents.