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Open Source Options for Education

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Updated 03/01/2014 Looking for open source alternatives to closed source software? We maintain a list of options for open source software for use in the education sector for everything from libraries and administration systems to subject-specific teaching tools. Wherever possible we also link to real-life examples and case studies of use by educators and institutions.

Openness Rating

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Is your software open or fauxpen? This is the question that OSS Watch, in partnership with Pia Waugh, developed the Openness Rating to help you find out.

Using a series of questions covering legal issues, governance, standards, knowledge sharing and market access, the tool helps you to identify potential problem areas for users, contributors and partners.

Get started with the Openness Rating tool.

Briefing Notes

We publish Briefing Notes covering a wide range of issues relating to open source software use and development.

Latest briefing notes:

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