Support Models for Open Source Deployment

by Sebastian Rahtz on 1 April 2004


Support Models for Open Source Deployment was the 2nd OSS Watch conference, held on 3 June 2004 at The Diskus Conference Centre in central London. More than 70 people attended this event, which was focused on four support models for open source deployments:

  • Do It Yourself
  • Join A Consortium
  • Get Consultancy Support
  • Vendor Support

Presentations from the day are available as pdf files below.

The day began with an overview presentation from Sebastian Rahtz, Manager of OSS Watch, setting the scene for the day:

Support Anxiety - the highest barrier to open source deployment? Sebastian Rahtz, OSS Watch

Do It Yourself

Bodington VLE at Oxford Adam Marshall, University of Oxford

Deploying Open Source Solutions in an eProduction System Joel Greenberg, The Open University

Join A Consortium

JA-SIG & uPortal - The Hull Experience Ian Dolphin, University of Hull

The OpenAdvantage Experience Paul Cooper, OpenAdvantage

Get Consultancy Support

Consultancy Supported Open Source Software John Merrells, Parthenon Computing Ltd

Getting Consultancy Support Michael Sekler, OS Consult

Vendor Support

Open Source and Linux within the Novell Value Proposition Simon Lidgett, Novell UK Limited

Java Education and Learning Community (JELC) John Heath, Sun Microsystems