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Open Source Junction

The event series Open Source Junction brings together the best minds in industry and academia to explore how the two sectors can jointly innovate and exploit cutting edge technologies using open development.

Catch up with OSS Watch

You can find events we’re attending and talking at on our lanyrd page.

If you’d like to meet up with a member of the OSS Watch team at one of these events, please email us at info@oss-watch.ac.uk.


OSS Watch periodically organise focused workshops; if there is a topic you’d like us to provide a workshop on for your organisation or event, get in touch.

Previous OSS Watch workshops have been on topics including community development, procurement, licensing and business models. For more information, see our past events

Have OSS Watch speak at your event

If you have an event you would like OSS Watch to participate in, please let us know at info@oss-watch.ac.uk.