ApacheCon US 2009 videos

by Elena Blanco on 15 February 2010


OSS Watch interviewed some key players at ApacheCon US 2009 and you can see the videos of those interviews here.

Jim Jagielski at ApacheCon US 2009

Jim Jagielski, chairman of The Apache Software Foundation, talks about the importance of community for ASF projects.

Bertrand Delacretaz at ApacheCon US 2009

Bertrand Delacretaz, The Apache Software Foundation Community Development PMC member, talks about the importance of knowing one’s strengths for building communities that create quality software.

Noirin Shirley at ApacheCon US 2009

Noirin Shirley, The Apache Software Foundation VP for conferences and events, talks at ApacheCon09 about the importance of encouraging external insights on the activity of the foundation.

Doug Cutting at ApacheCon US 2009

Doug Cutting, member of The Apache Software Foundation Board of Directors, talks about the importance of promoting respectful online communication in open source project communities.