Open Source Deployment and Development was the inaugural OSS Watch conference held on 11 December 2003 at the Martin Wood Complex, University of Oxford. It was a lively event with more than 140 people in attendance. The day also marked the launch of the OSS Watch Scoping Study Report.

Parallel workshops, available below as pdf files, were run on deployment and development issues.

Open source in academia - where are we?

Sebastian Rahtz, Manager OSS Watch and David Tannenbaum, Researcher, OSS Watch

Jim Farmer, JA-SIG

Making the institutional case

Andrew Findlay, Skills 1st Ltd

Brian Kelly, Web Focus, UKOLN

How do you make an open source project?

Jon Maber, Bodington VLE Project

Ben Lund, Nature Publishing Group

Practical approaches and support

Paul Browning, University of Bristol

Henrik Omma, TheOpenCD

Getting the right licence

Andrew Charlesworth, University of Bristol

Susan Foster, Eversheds LLP

Does open source matter?

Jeremy Wray, IBM UK Ltd

Nick McGrath, Microsoft Ltd

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